Truffle Teams


A web-based service that spans the building, deployment, and monitoring of smart contracts and dapps for software development teams. I worked in a team of 6+.

I led the development of the front-end client and instituted many improvements and best practices. In order to streamline development, I setup Storybook, unit tests, and snapshot-based integration tests. I also interacted with the product manager and designer to gather requirements and to clarify feature requests for development purposes. I setup automated deployments of Storybook to improve cross-team and communications with management about the state of the product.

I also wrote typeDefs and resolvers for Apollo queries, mutations, and subscriptions. I setup mock servers to streamline the local development experience for the team.

Made With

Apollo, Docker, Express, Github Actions, GraphQL, Infura, Metamask, Postgresql, RabbitMQ, React, React Hooks, Redux, Redux Thunks, Storybook, Typescript, Web3